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HEY everyone! I am Ashley, and I just wanted to welcome you all to the community,,,and to tell alittle about myself.

I am a teenage girl who is from Louisville, KY. I think I'm straight (love is love, if I so happen to be attracted to a person of the same sex/ if I fall in love with a girl so be it) but a large part of my friends are either gay or bi. My mother is also openly gay. We live with her partner, Susan. My mom often calls me the 'fag hag' because I sometimes show more gay pride than some gay people she knows.

I started this community because I have a high interest in the polotics of everything today, and I want to share and hear what other people think. I want to hear other people's storys and experiences and feelings altogeather.

Please read the community rules before you make an entry. I hope you can find some enjoyment or relief or comfort or whatever in this community, after all...thats the whole point right??!! =D
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